Halsted M. Bernard

Well, that’s worrisome, Gyroscope. 😕

Heading to CA for Thanksgiving!

Zen’s November look: heated mat and space-heater. Aw, who am I kidding? It’s Zen’s all-year-round look.

Mushroom and white bean cassoulet.

Heard about cherimoya fruit on the @judgejohnhodgman podcast and here they are at Freddy’s! I was not brave enough to buy one. Next time …

Pas de deux. 🍂

Celebrated eight years of marriage with FunkyPlaid today. He’s my favorite. 💗

Carrot, potato, & chickpea red curry.

Trees at Portland Nursery.

Zen doesn’t sit still for portraits.

Today is World Mental Health Day. I would not be here to write this without the support of my friends and family. Reach out if you are struggling; reach out if you see someone else struggling. We can get through this together.

End of September.

I attended a NaNoWriMo planning event and learned about creating basic story structures with the Story Grid method. Really helpful!

Snuggling Zen: a brief yet powerful antidote to today’s news.

Who’s the brilliant mind who decided to update to Mojave right before sitting down to write? 🙄 Welp, I guess I’ll fill some fountain pens …

Zen eats so heartily that food gets stuck to her nose. We often have to clean her “schnozzle”. 😸

Zen eats so heartily that food gets stuck to her nose. We often have to clean her “schnozzle”. 😸

Hail, Autumn! 🍁

Welp, accidental gluten ingestion will derail even the best Friday night plans. 🤒

Good morning, Micronauts! What are you looking forward to today? Or, for our further-along-the-timeline friends: what is something you are looking forward to tomorrow?

I’m attending a Pelikan Hub tonight for Pelikan fountain pen aficionados. 🖋 Can’t wait!

Currently reading: Summerland by Hannu Rajaniemi 📚

I was driving behind a convertible with a dog in the passenger seat: ears all a-flap, sun-warmed black fur, nervous bumblebees of eyebrows tilting to and fro. I miss having a dog. I miss smiling at dogs without being self-conscious about smiling at dogs.

Sweet potato taquitos. I’m rather fond of vegan food that involves a bit of frying.

Here’s the aftermath of yesterday’s virtual meetup for stationery and journaling Micronauts. Only @vishae and I showed up this time, but we are planning on doing this again soon. If you want to participate, let us know!

Awesome mail day! Look at these beauties from @ilovemesomesharks. 😍