Halsted M. Bernard

Arrived in Edinburgh yesterday evening. The way we drove in was unfamiliar to me until we passed one of my work sites! Then it suddenly felt like we had never left. Time, you’re a funny thing. ⏰

Daffodils at Threave. #scotland #spring

Dinner with Auntie Helen at Ox and Finch in Glasgow. #family #scotland

Not the most attentive member of the crowd today, but certainly the cutest. #cullodenbattlefield

Scotland: where people have to be reminded not to leave their muskets on the café tables.

We then drove to Inverness, where the weather was confusingly beautiful. Triangle sandwich time!

While wandering groggily around AMS, I found a library. Of course.

PDX to AMS. I took photos of an airport bathroom and a clock and I blame sleep deprivation.

Today was my last day at the library before we head to Scotland for two weeks! Hard to believe that Culloden is mere days away now.

Library patrons tend to apologize for losing track of the time and not leaving our library promptly at closing. I’m secretly pleased that they have felt so at home in this third place.

Happy Feeling Bad for Forgetting to Floss Day! 😬 (Biannual dental cleaning went well, otherwise.)

Played Runebound last night. I had never played before, but I hear that 3rd edition is quite streamlined. It’s sort of like D&D Lite. I enjoyed it!

Save the last dance for me.

Tortoiseshell afternoon.

Taken an hour before the thunderhailstorm. #pnw #spring

When I became a librarian, I had no idea that one day I would help wrangle a lost chicken in a library parking-lot. 🐔

Reaching into spring.

I just bought myself a proper raincoat after I don’t know how many years, so that means it won’t rain all week. You’re welcome, Portlanders.

My favorite Portland weather: raining while the sun is shining. ☔️☀️

Last night, I was all geared up to make one of my favorite recipes, Roast Chicken Meffins, and was almost done with the multi-step prep when I opened a rotten egg over all the ingredients. 😫 Lesson learned!