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Snowy morning in Portland! ☃️ There’s no sense in driving this morning so I’m about to get geared up for the long bus commute.

Micro Monday: @kitt shares photos of interesting adventures and also writes candidly about depression.

This Week: I write about getting Super! Excited! about stuff that doesn’t pan out. Aw.


📚 Read: It’s Okay to Laugh (Crying Is Cool Too) by Nora McInerny Purmort

This memoir is charming, and sad, and silly, and about all of the things that you’d expect from the host after listening to five minutes of her podcast.

My rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Woke up from dreams about a friend I miss so much. Some interactions last year marooned our friendship, and I haven’t entirely processed that. Pieces of hurt feeling still sail through my subconscious and slice me open.

Tonight I spent some quality time with Habitica, reviewing my habits. I finally moved my “write something” habit to the “Dailies” column. As a Daily in Habitica, it will do damage to my wee mage avatar if I don’t complete it every day. 🧙‍♀️🖋🔮

My beautiful girl in the sunshine. 💕

Turkey chili never disappoints, but the spoon bread was less satisfying than plain old cornbread. 🍲 Still, it’s always fun to try a new recipe.

Minor meltdown tonight after three nights with less than 7 hours of sleep each.

OK, I got the hint, brainmeats.

I thoroughly enjoyed rediscovering Mystic Vale tonight, a card-crafting game in the spirit of Dominion. Simple, elegant, eminently replayable. 🎲 (No dice involved, but I need an emoji for boardgames!)

Unbelievably excited to be the new subject selector of my library’s science fiction and fantasy collection! 📚 To celebrate, I checked out Brooke Bolander’s “The Only Harmless Great Thing”. YES BOOKS YES.

The evening shift was hectic, but look what my coworker gave me! A jigsaw puzzle thriller! With cats! 😻

For Micro Monday, I choose @belle, because I read her blog post about setting up a microblog and ended up here! I enjoy her writing style, and I especially dig her posts about planners and notebooks. And Exist, of course!

Just witnessed an Existential Dilemma:

My cat, nearly twenty-one years old, standing in the hallway, on one side the room with the spaceheater … and on the other, the bathroom with the bathtub glistening with the last droplets of water from a shower.

(She chose shower.)

Two social engagements this weekend … and I’m sated, not wrung out. Meaningful social interaction is crucial to my mental health.

Social media tricks me into thinking I’ve connected with other humans when really I have only acknowledged their existence. It is not enough.

Learning how to play Ex Libris, a board game about building magical libraries. Heaven!

Successful late-afternoon push to knock out several low-energy tasks. I earned this weekend! Now: how to treat myself?

Feeling rough and ragged today.

Finished watching “Parenthood” … oof. I’m ready to watch something light and goofy next. Recommendations? 📺

After discovering the Terrible, Thanks for Asking podcast, I started reading “It’s Okay to Laugh” by Nora McInerny Purmort. 📚 Now I have Feelings all over the place.