I looked up from my laptop and this was happening. (So stealthy, that Criminy!)

Doodling with Colorverse Gravity Wave. It’s a deep teal with red sheen, not visible on this paper, but I’ll do a real ink test soon.

Special delivery of a tiny bottle of Colorverse ink! Not pictured: the awesome friend who dropped it off.

Criminy is not sure how he feels about this.

Less than a week away now. #oregonvotes #vote

I inked up my vintage Esterbrook Dollar Pen today. My pens = my moods. When I ink up my 💵🖊, I mean business.

D got a birthday-gram from @theunipiper tonight! Our neighbors enjoyed it almost as much as we did. What a perfect Portland memory. 🥰

Stopped off to visit family in a snowy place on my way back from DC. How I love winter weather when it is optional!

This is my life and I both can’t believe it and am so, so grateful and happy.

Crivens has hit kitten adolescence at full speed. We now must keep the bathroom door shut at all times; he is 9 pounds of muscle and determination.

It is difficult to resist Criminy’s sweet face while he dozes. Not pictured: the perfect splash of pink on his lower lip.

The Bottlebrush Brothers.

I forgot to post this when I made it: barbecue chicken and sautéed kale. 🍳

Morning bathroom patrol. 😸🚨😸

And just like that, the kittens were cat-sized. 😿 How did that happen?

Criminy & Crivens got new toys and treats in the KitNipBox that arrived today!

Brotherly love.

Crivens, on Sunday, in sun.

Homemade chicken bulgogi. I’ll try this recipe with soy curls or tempeh next.


Curried lentil soup: perfect for a rainy Sunday lunch.

Here’s the recipe.

Happy Caturday from Criminy and Crivens.

Crivens and Criminy at their four-month checkup. I’m trying not to be maudlin when posting these, but they are growing up so fast!

Criminy & Crivens have discovered the front window this morning. We are watching their minds being blown.

Criminy prefers to perch.

Crivens loves to snuggle.