Crivens would like to go back to sleep now, okay Mom. (I peeked. I couldn’t resist.)

Good morning from the boys. Crivens loves the blanket; Criminy loves the spotlight.

Meet the newest members of our family, Crivens and Criminy. FunkyPlaid and I adopted these playful and loving tabby brothers from Cat Adoption Team last night. 😻😻

Two of my favorite headstones from the Davis Graveyard. 🖖🍃 ☠️

Lunch at Ground Breaker Brewing, a magical place for the likes of me, as it is entirely gluten-free.

Hey, that’s MY mug.

Finished knitting project: pebbly autumnal cowl. 🧶

Zen, my beloved familiar of 22 years, is gone. 💔 I don’t have my own words for this yet, so I am borrowing Mary Oliver’s.

photo of a tortoiseshell cat with an excerpt of Mary Oliver’s poem “In Blackwater Woods” over it

TFW when your library is literally at the end of the rainbow. 🌈

What? A librarian who knits? I’m shocked. 🧶

At Portland Nursery.

Look at this one hundred percent good girl. 😻

Beer & BBQ chicken at @groundbreakerbrewing with @ilovemesomesharks, who is visiting for the week!

I’ve been eagerly awaiting this for months. Have you read it yet?

Zen has had a rough week. Nevertheless, she persisted.

Costa Rican casado with fried eggs, black beans, and two salsas.

Happy August!

Zen loves her sunny days.

Happy birthday, Harry Potter! ⚡️ Proud Hufflepuff representing at the library today.

Spotted this particularly tree-shaped tree outside @tigardpubliclibrary today. 🌲

Perfect comfort tea: Campfire S’mores. ☕️

Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pen and some ink tests.

My furry heart. 🥰

Cygnoir and Zen cuddling

Stash discontinued Power Breakfast, but I have a few bags left. Thanks, past-me for being a tea hoarder! ☕️👍

Canoeing on the Deschutes River. 🛶😍