I am finally ready to focus on building connections within the Micro.blog community. I see value in the other social media platforms I use, but here is where I feel most at home and most myself. Hi. 👋 It’s good to be here.

C&C in low-key lovey mode after their first big adventure outside of their safe room. 😻😻

Happy Turkey Sandwich Day!

Tonight I cooked an idea I had in the middle of Trader Joe’s: stuffing, then turkey burger, then stuffing on top.

Crivens and Criminy, sunny Saturday boys.

Today I decided to re-download Scrabble to get some brainspace from work by relaxing with a fun word game. Then I promptly spent a half-hour researching why “nare” isn’t a valid word but “nares” is. My relaxation techniques could use some help.

Crivens sounds his barbaric yawp.

A clean bill of health! The vet said they were “perfect patients”.

So many photos of sleepy kittens because when they’re awake, they’re all a-blur!

Kittenception! FunkyPlaid photographs Criminy while Crivens rests his wee head.

Criminy, lapcat-in-training. 💗

Crivens would like to go back to sleep now, okay Mom. (I peeked. I couldn’t resist.)

Good morning from the boys. Crivens loves the blanket; Criminy loves the spotlight.

Meet the newest members of our family, Crivens and Criminy. FunkyPlaid and I adopted these playful and loving tabby brothers from Cat Adoption Team last night. 😻😻

Maybe there’s something wrong with an algorithm if it shows posts out of order in a way that rips open fresh wounds. An actual human heart needs time and space away from heartbreak to heal. Are you listening, robot overlords? Fix your algorithms already.

Every time I wade back into Facebook it reminds me that Zen is gone.

Huge #NaNoWriMo accomplishment of the evening: I cleaned off my desk so I could put the giant Story Grid book on it and start plotting this story idea so I can start to write. #amwriting #amprepping #amexhausted

Portland International Airport (PDX). Almost home!

My #NaNoWriMo2019 is off to an inauspicious start: I only brought my aging iPad on this short trip to PVD, and both the iPad and its keyboard case are malfunctioning. Or haunted. 👻📱😫 #amwriting #amhaunted

Two of my favorite headstones from the Davis Graveyard. 🖖🍃 ☠️

Lunch at Ground Breaker Brewing, a magical place for the likes of me, as it is entirely gluten-free.

Hey, that’s MY mug.

I need a quick way to share a portfolio of work that I created some time ago with HTML files, mostly text-based, nothing fancy. Any suggestions?

Finished knitting project: pebbly autumnal cowl. 🧶

Zen, my beloved familiar of 22 years, is gone. 💔 I don’t have my own words for this yet, so I am borrowing Mary Oliver’s.

photo of a tortoiseshell cat with an excerpt of Mary Oliver’s poem “In Blackwater Woods” over it