I am finally attempting to make ramen eggs! In my Instant Pot! Wish me luck (and check in tomorrow after they’ve luxuriated all night in delicious marinade).

Following the great example of some Micronauts, I’m going to start sharing what I’m grateful for and what I’m looking forward to.

Today I’m grateful for another trip around the sun! 🌞 I’m looking forward to spending the day with @FunkyPlaid. 💑

Sometimes all I want to do is play Little Computer People (Activision, 1987). It made me so happy and no other game (no, not even The Sims) has come close to it, in my opinion. youtu.be/GlP80LQ-F…

Stopped off to visit family in a snowy place on my way back from DC. How I love winter weather when it is optional!

This is my life and I both can’t believe it and am so, so grateful and happy.

Crivens has hit kitten adolescence at full speed. We now must keep the bathroom door shut at all times; he is 9 pounds of muscle and determination.

It is difficult to resist Criminy’s sweet face while he dozes. Not pictured: the perfect splash of pink on his lower lip.

The Bottlebrush Brothers.

I forgot to post this when I made it: barbecue chicken and sautéed kale. 🍳

Morning bathroom patrol. 😸🚨😸

And just like that, the kittens were cat-sized. 😿 How did that happen?

★ Liked “Op-Ed: Working as a librarian gave me post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms

Well, I can’t really say that I liked this op-ed as much as I appreciated the points it made. And I am looking forward to reading Amanda Oliver’s book when it comes out.

📚 William Gibson’s “Agency” update: Highlighting language that made me 😱. I mean, this sentence. “‘Eunice’s stub,’ corrected Lowbeer, abruptly appearing, upswept white hair backlit by the dim carmine glow of a Denisovan sex crevasse.” I had to read it aloud, it was so much.

★ Liked “Multiplayer game Kind Words is primarily about being nice

Playing this game is a truly life-affirming experience.

★ Liked “In U.S., Library Visits Outpaced Trips to Movies in 2019

Visiting the library remains the most common cultural activity Americans engage in, by far.

That’s right! 🎉

📚 William Gibson’s “Agency” update: Just hit the part of the book where my brain has rewired itself enough to understand what is going on without having to reread every third sentence. Also known as 20% in. Also known as a heady, nerdy rush of love for science fiction.

Tardibot: Butler-bot shaped like a tardigrade in the latest William Gibson novel and I’m 100% here for it. 📚

Criminy & Crivens got new toys and treats in the KitNipBox that arrived today!

Brotherly love.

Crivens, on Sunday, in sun.

Also, this month’s digital detox has been excellent for my mental health. I’ve been spending quality time reading, journaling, chatting, doodling, and generally feeling less spun-up about every little thing. I have not vanquished the FOMO, but it is getting easier to ignore.

I’m spending this week helping out with interviews, which has been such a fun and illuminating process. But I’m missing my library! I was grateful for the library board meeting last night, a perfect end to a long workday. Now recharging with tea, kittens, and @FunkyPlaid.

Homemade chicken bulgogi. I’ll try this recipe with soy curls or tempeh next.


Curried lentil soup: perfect for a rainy Sunday lunch.

Here’s the recipe.

Happy Caturday from Criminy and Crivens.

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