Woke up from a dream in which I was showing off to some library patrons by naming all of the daytime soap operas that aired in the ‘80s. Don’t worry: I’m clear this was a weird flex AND NOT okay. 🤦‍♀️

It is still hard for me to wrap my head around this, but here goes: Monday marked my first day as the director of my library. I’m thrilled, nervous, humbled, confused, confident, and pretty much every other emotion ever. Wish me luck!

Golden raspberries are ready to be eaten. I tested them for you. You’re welcome!

A ghost spider hitched a ride. 👻🕷 Not a great shot, but it was a pale green that reminded me of glow-in-the-dark toys.

What a day! 🍳 Breakfast with writer pals 📚 Grand reopening of Garden Home Community Library 🏢 Moved into my new office 🎉 Helped with the teens’ after-hours party 🍽 Enjoyed Thai dinner with FunkyPlaid 🚲 Got home just as thousands of World Naked Bike Riders were passing by

Happy hour at the new game bar in downtown Tigard! 🍻🎲 Codenames is such a great game.

What a lovely evening at Just Compassion’s Supper in the ‘Burbs event!

Happy Caturday from Zen!

Home after a surreal visit to a country where I fumble the language but still it showed me beauty and grace and didn’t try to kill me, not even once, and although I’m jet-lagged and irritated about Brexit and xenophobia at least there’s a new Halou song.

Posted @withrepost • @funkyplaidseye A rapturous moment of swooning over a head-sized crème brûlée at L’Estaminet in Ste-Marie-du-Mont. We are by now surely made entirely of dairy.

#normandy #dday75 #foodporn #saintemariedumont #desserttable #spoonswoon

#dday in Lion-sur-mer.

Enjoying the sea, as relaxed as this cat. 🌊🐈

Potato salad with tempeh “bacon”. Meatless Monday on Tuesday!

Zen likes to nap, but she LOVES to nap in the sunshine. 😻☀️

O, my dear Gabriel. You didn’t love this photo I took of you 18 years ago, but it reminded me of one of our grandest adventures. Rest easy now. No more need to fight.

I drove to Salem to meet, tour, and generally soak in the excellent @statelibraryor. #librarylife

My fancy water bottle with the sensor sometimes tracks drinks in the middle of the night while I am definitely nowhere near it. So now it’s confirmed: ghosts also believe in proper hydration. 👻 💦

I loved the “Uptown Squirrel” episode of 99% Invisible. 🎧 So many things I never knew about squirrels!

Things are looking up. 🌳☀️

Nothing floors me quite like the agony of accidental gluten ingestion. My small intestine is a lace handkerchief wrung in the worried grip of a Victorian matriarch.

Springy. 🌷

Writers, do you recommend any particular weekly writing prompts? ✍️ I’m looking for a gentle nudge to get me back in the habit after months of not making time for it!

This podcast makes me full-on ugly-cry on the regular. But I stayed sniffle-free last night! Lots of mirth and heart.

Late-night leadership training. 📚 What’s your favorite book on leadership?

Time for lunch and the keynote! #olawla19